Roof Top Tents and Features/

Our roof top tents can be mounted to the teardrop trailer or directly on top of your vehicle using any standard, flat roof rack cross bars , such as Thule or Yakima.  Roof top tents cannot be mounted to the factory curved cross bars that come stock on most vehicles.  Setup is measured in seconds and all your bedding is stored inside.  You’ll never want to go back to a ground tent again!  Air Top and Columbus models.  Columbus only available at our Laguna Hills, CA location.

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Autohome Air Top Medium



The new Air Top offers ease of opening, three doors, great interior space of the Columbus, and the warmth, comfort and durability that owners worldwide have come to expect from the Maggiolina series. To open, simply remove the latch straps and the tent opens instantaneously! Instant Comfort!

The Air Top has a lift system based on articulated gas rams that eliminates the scissors lift and crank of the standard crank up tents. This enables easy, rapid set-up and provides 7″ more usable interior space. Other benefits of this new design are; a rear entry door in addition to the two side doors, the huge window opening the front end of the tent, and a new shell design for extra strength. In short, the Air Top incorporates all the comfort and space of the traditional Maggiolina series with a simple, strong, and easy to operate opening system. Medium Air Top dimensions 57″W x 83″L x 13″H Closed, 57″W x 83″L x 37″H Open.  130lbs.  Installation and removal fees apply.

Standard Air Top features include:

  • Built in 2.5 inch foam mattress
  • 3 doors – one each side and one in the rear of the tent
  • Adjustable height aluminum ladder
  • Front facing, screened window
  • Full mosquito netting and covers against wind or rain
  • 2 small arched windows for ventilation and reduction of condensation
  • Arched zippers on the windows with rain covers.
  • Simple, adjustable locking straps.
  • Spacious roof mounted storage net.
  • Internal roof mounted LED light




Autohome Columbus Medium

(Available at the Laguna Hills, CA Location Only)

Joshua Tree-7020
The Columbus Variant offers simplicity, fast and easy setup, light weight, and aerodynamic design to go where you go—on any Jeep, car, truck or 4X4 vehicle.

All Columbus Variant models have excellent access—from either side or from the rear. The internal gas rams effortlessly open the tent in seconds. Packing the tent for travel is just as fast and easy. The 2.5 inch foam mattress is built in and bedding is carried in place, so there is nothing to do except open the latch, give the tent top a gentle push, set up the ladder, and get comfortable.

The Columbus is unique— it is built on an internal sub-frame incorporating an insulating foam sandwich construction. The subframe is so strong and light that these tents, unlike other rooftop tents, do not require an expedition basket to support them. They mount directly to standard roof rack cross bars, such as Thule or Yakima. This insulated design also minimizes condensation under the mattress. If water does get into the tent, it is channeled away from the mattress. Medium Columbus Variant dimensions 57″W x 83″L x 12″H Closed, 57″W x 83″L x 59″H Open.  118lbs.  Installation and removal fees apply.