About Us

Off The Grid Rentals provides a service unlike any other.  We have partnered with leaders in the overland camping community to offer you top of the line off road teardrop trailers, roof top tents and other luxury off road camping equipment for rent.  By using our service, we provide you the experience without the up front costs of ownership. We know that buying these items can add up into the tens of thousands, not to mention the ongoing costs of insurance, storage and maintenance.  The equipment we offer is top-of-the-line and our trailers are built with attention to detail to perform like no other rentals out there.  We offer you the tools to make your trip both comfortable and fun.

If you are a family oriented, outdoorsy person, you’ll love the ability to provide your family with a luxury camping experience in places never thought possible.  Spend less time packing, more time camping plus get a good night’s sleep.  We love the outdoors and wish to deliver that to you.

Our locations are perfectly located for trips to the beaches, mountains and deserts of the Southwest.  Plan your trip today, then book online to turn any trip into a memorable off the grid vacation!